AVA Designs

                         STAGING SELLS!

                  'STAGING IS NOT AN OPTION'

It's a competitive market in todays economy -- buyers expect homes to be 'staged'. Often these homes project more selling power and sales price! Don't put your home on the market without me! Too many objects detracts from the home and confuses buyers. The first step to listing your home is to  prepare the exterior for great curb appeal. Interior changes make a good first impression. By removing and repositioning furniture, the buyer will see your architectural details and focal points of each room.  Having years of experience, I can create an openness and appealing look buyers require.  On vacant homes it is just as important to place some furniture and accessories in areas that show the buyer what the potential layout can be.  Vignette staging is available for these homes with my inventory constantly changing to keep up with the new trends.


Today's lifestyle leaves little time for organizing your home. Reality is that once you address this issue, you will save more time daily getting in and out the door.  Learn the skills to find the items you need and start enjoying your life!


                            POSITIONING & RE-DESIGN

Save some money and update your home with color*,  accessories and repositioning your own furniture!  It's an easy and creative way to refresh your home!  

* I've had extensive training on the latest colors with Sherwin-Williams & Benjamin Moore - let me help pick the perfect color to complete your project.



This is the most important element in your home! Whether its exterior spot lighting on your home or landscape or soft lighting for your home's interior ... I know the right choices to give you a cozy atmosphere and highlight focal points.