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Most homeowners are familiar with the new decorating terms - ' Re-Design' & Staging'. How do you stand out against the competition in your area?  Let's set the 'stage' (so as to speak )- do the preparation needed to make your home shine - turn on the lights and let the compliments come in!  You have wonderful pieces in your home already but maybe the table in the living room should be placed elsewhere to open it up.  I have an eye for placement, color and how to make your house be the one buyers want.  Yes, it is a talent - but it also takes experience and education in the trade associations to keep me on top of what people want and what they expect.

Staging is not an 'OPTION' anymore. Todays buyer is informed, know what they want ..and that's a move in ready home. If your realtor is not offering this service to you - they should!  Living in our homes day in and day out we lose the perspective of what's buyers will want. Fresh paint and new accessories add wonders and brighten up any room.  I have years of experience getting homes sold in the Austin area. I work within your budget and help you determine WHERE to spend those dollars before you make costly mistakes

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