AVA Designs

Staging FAQ's

What services do you provide in the Staging Process?


On my initial consultation I will observe your home from the ‘curb’ all the way thru including the yard and garage.

I can then get a sense of where the focal points are and what would be the best way to show off your architectural features.  We want your home to ‘wow’ the buyers so they can visualize themselves living there. This means using all rooms to their best advantage … do you have a guest room that could be best used as an office?

This is a perfect time to consider eliminating unnecessary items or starting to pack up items no longer of use.  The less objects displayed the better the viewing will be.  It is a difficult time for all family members and very disruptive to daily living.  I try and make this transition as trouble free as possible.  I can help in determining color choices for rooms to show at its best, recommend furniture positions and eliminating items that are too large for some rooms. I will help in this process and give you a list of what needs to be done and a checklist to follow until its SOLD.  If your home is vacant, I can provide Vignette design to spotlight the important rooms the buyers are concerned about to accentuate high ceilings or smaller spaces.


Will staging sell my home faster?


Staging your home is designed to sell your home for more money and in a shorter amount of time. The graph below shows how properly staging a home can reduce the number of days that home remains on the market before being sold.


Interior Design FAQ's

What kind of interior style do you do best?

AVA Designs does not specialize in any single interior design style. Our mission is to create a style that is interpretive of the client’s personal expression that they wish to convey. From contemporary to eclectic, transitional to traditional, we have assisted clients in transforming their interiors into something well-planned with exquisite detailing, all in the client’s own style.


It’s time to update - How do I decide on a new look for my home?

This is a good time in include any members that might be using the main spaces for their comfort and ideas.

Start by looking at magazines and catalog’s to get an idea of the space you would like to live in – is it bright, with open windows or a warmer, darker interior. Start by choosing your favorite pieces whether it’s the couch or picture and work around them to get a new look. Color, is the most important – whether its painting the walls, adding decorative pillows or a new rug. I will help you with the process and create a room that you’ve always wanted.


Organizing FAQ's

What is the best way to get started in organizing?

Stay focused and work in one area at a time. As you work, do not leave the area in which you are working because you will be distracted by things in other areas and lose valuable time. Try working in a clockwise manner to keep focused. Put items that belong somewhere else by the door and deliver them later.


Once you help me get organized – how can I keep it going?

When I do your consultation – it is very important that everyone in the house be included. The house belongs to many members – who also add to the clutter on a daily basis.  Once we incorporate a space, container etc. for everyone’s needs – it will be up to them to continue the process. We look at what is practical and realistic for the family to accomplish.  It is easy to stay on track with this method.